My Village - Mi Pueblito

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Reconstruction of a small colonial town which includes replicas government offices, shops, school, church and beautiful plaza which contains a source. In my town you can find the museum of the "skirt" which is the typical dress of our country and folk exhibitions Friday and Saturday nights.

There are also replicas of cities of different ethnic groups that in Panama, such as Afro-West Indian groups and groups as the Kuna Indians, and Ngabe Chocoe. Mi Pueblito is located in the Cerro Ancon Avenue of the Martyrs.

The Mi Pueblito Resort is a place where mixed three different cultures: the Afro-Caribbean, the rural and Indian.  Each of the towns within this complex shows a replica cultures listed buildings.

Attractions of Mi Pueblito:

1.  Mi Pueblito Afroantillana.
At one end of the complex is a sample of culture West Indian population that came to these lands at the time of construction of the Panama Canal.

Its main attractions are: Muller House, a replica of a building of the century located in the neighborhood of Calidonia. This building Vapor is shaped Ancon was the first ship to transit the Panama Canal. It is a three-story house built of wood and painted in bright colors.

You can also find the replica of the Hotel Bahia, located in Bocas del Toro, hotel built on stilts. Then there is the replica of West Indian Museum, with stained glass windows representing the colors Flag of the Antillean islands.

In the square there is a replica of the gazebo first underground Bocas del Toro lottery and you will see three houses typical families Antilles.

2.  Mi Pueblito Farmer
It consists of an urban area where there is a town with cobblestone streets, houses
Wood and tile roofs, a replica of a community inside the country.

In the center of the square is a fountain surrounded by colorful garden lanterns on the sides.  It also has a classroom, the museum of the skirt, a barber shop, a cottage and a farmhouse, a grocery store, the mayor's office and the telegraph.

3.  Mi Pueblito

It is a picturesque ride through the forest inhabited by the Kuna and Emberà-Wounnan. 
The replica of the Kuna village home is represented by Guajara made with palm and reed walls. The replica of the Embera-Wounan village is represented by huts constructed of wood, palm Guajara and without walls.