Panama La Vieja

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Panama La Vieja is the name given to the site archaeological site where the first was located in Panama City (Abundance of fish and abundance of butterflies) from its founding in 1519 until 1671. The city was moved to a new location; about 2 km to the southwest, to be destroyed after an English pirate attack Henry Morgan, in the early 1670s. Of the original city, considered the first European settlement on the Pacific coast of America, are now several ruins that make this archaeological site. After this attack, the city was rebuilt in the Casco Viejo, but there are still ruins of the old town in "Panama Viejo."

Attractions in Panama's Travels:
1. Mercado de La Plaza Mayor:
2. The ruins of the Cathedral
3. The Convent of the Nuns of Conception
4. El Cabildo
5. The Society of Jesus
The Convent of San Francisco
7. El Convento de La Merced
The Convent of San Jose
9. The Convent of Santo Domingo.
10. El Convento de San Juan de Dios
11. Remains of two bridges: the King's Bridge and Bridge
El Fuerte de la Natividad
13. The Bishop's House
14. Las Casas Reales.
15. Old Panama Museum

The museum, currently divided into two exhibition halls: The Room Colonial and The Columbian Room. The Board is composed of Colonial artifacts used by the Spanish after the founding of the Panama City (August 15, 1519) by Pedrarias. The artifacts on display are divided according to their use were given.

The Columbian Board is composed of human remains and artifacts used by indigenous Panamanians before the arrival of the Spanish. The Museum also has an area where there is a model of the Old Panama City and a collection of maps historical.

With a market of crafts and the Historical Museum of Panama La Vieja, visitors feel more satisfied and may carry memories our beautiful country, Panama.