Playa Blanca

Many places in the world do not offer what Panama and metropolitan city offer its variety of beautiful beaches.

Throughout the Coast of the Pacific there is a beach sequence with quite white sand, with waters of the sapphire, offering complex playeros of world-wide quality, golf course in front of the sea of Central America unique and retirement and exceptional communities of the vacations.
Playa Blanca beach is another one of beaches near the city of Panama, in the Coast of the Pacific, with white sands. It can enjoy white beaches of the Decameron Resort and White Playa Resort without having as much to stay it in them.

Playa Blanca beach is one of the more popular attractions tourist in Panama. You can pass a day of beach in a sun of summer to the border of the sea renting very economic bungalows or farms to the Panamanian style. A variety of seafood to very low prices can delight of the fried fish Panama and. It stops after to finish his day returning to the city of Panama, its hotel of predilection and resting in his room or being ready to know the life nocturnal the city of Panama. Villa Michelle can take to you to know the paradise all beaches or islands that we have in Panama, in the Caribbean and the Pacific Coast. Villa Michelle, also offers lodging per day, week or season long in the best and most beautiful white beach apartment, fully furnished, where not only can enjoy the sea, using the facilities of the White Beach Resort Hotel (Playa Blanca Resort) at low prices, with pool private stove to prepare your food, luxury bathrooms and air conditioning.