Santa Catalina Beach

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Santa Catalina Beach Travel Information and Travel.

Santa Catalina Beach, in Panama is located on the Chiriquí Gulf in the state of Veraguas.  It is a fishing village which existed in quiet seclusion until discovered by adventurous surfers in the 1970s.  Protecting their hidden world class surf, Santa Catalina was kept secret by the surfers for quite some time.

Today, Santa Catalina offers a smattering of surf camps, low cost hotels and a few eating establishments.  Still fairly secluded, the closest town with ATM, grocery, other basic services is Soná which is about an hour away.

The beaches of Santa Catalina are wide black sand beaches created by rivers flowing from the surrounding hills and farms. The 2 primary beaches are Playa Santa Catalina located in front of town at the end of the paved road and Playa El Estero on the eastern edge of town at the end of the dirt road.

Like the surfing, Scuba diving in Santa Catalina is world class. Local diving is excellent and in just over an hour, you can be diving in the Isla Coiba National Marine Park. Isla Coiba is often referred to as a cross between the Galapagos and Cocos Islands.

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