Taboga Island

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Taboga Island
is known the flower island of volcanic origin which together with Taboguilla, Urabá, Melons, Chama, Estivá, Bora, Morro Otoque and form the island of Taboga District.

Taboga Etymology The word derives from an Indian word "advocate" who means abundance of fish. Taboga Island, Panama, is an island steeped in history, a wonderland of an environmentalist, and a place is friendly and people expect to welcome you.

Taboga has a colorful history with the passage of many cultures for their land influences of Spanish, French, English, and Americans.

You can swim in the sparkling clear waters, stroll along its flower lined paths, nature trails to walk their Pristine, smell the roses, taste the forbidden fruit, and explore discover, smile and be you. 

Only 12 miles off the mainland coast of Panama, getting Taboga Island is safe, easy, comfortable and enjoyable. Two services take ferry passengers to and from the island over the weekend and one working day. The trip is less than an hour.

One of the most popular is the beach of La Restinga, located near the town pier. In this beach when the tide is low a sand bar separates the island from a small one, known as the Morro de Taboga. Near this last beach at the foot of El Morro, can still be seen the remains of an ancient shipyard.

Beyond the village, stands an elevation known as Cerro de la Cruz, a monumental cross that is at its peak. From this point you can enjoy excellent views of the people and towards neighboring island of Urabá. Also, here is the Cave of San Pedro, the ruins of the Convent of the Spanish and the home of Francisco Pizarro, conqueror of Peru.

It has an area of about 590 hectares and a population 1100 inhabitants according to the latest census and the total of 250 houses perimeter of coastline is 13 miles. Taboga has an exuberance tropical mountain have as few as 300 meters above the level of sea as well as white sand beaches. The part of the island with largest population concentration is the one that looks to the city, the back of the island is a protected forest reserve by the ANAM.

Taboga is one of the most beautiful and exotic islands of the seas tropical. And it is a favorite of all Panamanians during holidays and weekends. It is easy to understand why the painter Paul Gauguin, stayed here for a while to appreciate the beauty.

The narrow streets lined with flowers have not changed much since the days when the ships of the Pacific Steamship Company had their Based on Taboga. It is alleged that the little church of the square was second built in this hemisphere. The island has several beaches where you can swim in the warm waters, with increased security.

On the island of Taboga is also the Three Way Path Cruces.  One of the best views of the Pacific Ocean offers from Taboga Island Hill Watcher. Tres Cruces The road leads from sea level to cover through the thick vegetation of the island. From this point we can admire the endless waters of the Pacific Ocean on one side and another lada comprehensive view across Panama City. You can also view down small houses in the village church and colored umbrella Restinga beach. To return you can walk along the road to the village from the other side. The way the road is longer but also more comfortable.

Other popular beach on the island of Taboga is Playa Honda Taboga. It is located in Taboga Island just across the town. From wharf you can see in his left hand. The beach is open to all public and has some huts that provide shade.